Who We are

Autononomy Power's story

Our story 

Like many enterprises Autonomy was thought and designed to answer a series of problems. We noticed that many people have great difficulties to understand their energy bills. Whether we are dealing with a supermarket chain with over hundreds of sites or with a residential customer the same observation can be made: current technologies do not allow them to monitor and analyze simply and in detail their energy consumption. These technologies have different problems: too expensive, too difficult to operate, poorly designed, lack of automation or simply not performant enough.  

On a broader level,  we believe that improving energy management is a growing concern in many spheres of societies. Politics want energical independence, economists want improved use of resources, the general public wants a greener planet and businesses want to mitigate their exposure to energetic risk by reducing their energy costs.  

So our idea is simple, we want to increase the control our customers have over their energy spendings. In other words we want to increase efficiency. We want to do as much as we can  with less. Less time, less money, less work and less worries.  

The first stage of our service is to understand your energy profile by gathering and consolidating quality data. Then if we find opportunities for savings  or automation we find solutions. This can be as simple as installing solar panels or as complex as creating an off-grid neighborhood. 

Where we are from and where we are going  

We are based in Victoria and are proud of our Australian roots. This does not mean we forget about the rest of the world and our activity has quickly expanded outside Australian borders we have ventured in Asia, Africa and America.  We believe that the mix of cultures and personalities in our team is a great strength. We are always eager to improve ourselves by learning from each other's strengths. What binds us all together is trust in our common vision and the pride we have in delivering quality products. 

Our vision and values 

Autonomy is a company embedded in the XXIst century's business culture. The activities of Autonomy Power are motivated by both financial and ethical reasons. 

Our products, services and solution hold a great financial, societal and sustainable value.   

We help the planet to get greener every day by reducing our client's environmental impact.  

We help countries' economy to grow in a faster and more sustainable way by rationalizing energy usage.  Indeed, the price of energy commodities has the strongest impact on fast-growing economies. We want to rationalize that energy consumption, to mitigate exposure to these price variations and also allow to allocate these resources to other growth opportunities.  

Our dedication to achieve these goals is reflected in the ways we conduct our work. Our team is extremely motivated to create the best quality products and services. Giving our clients the best possible care is our priority which is why we provide personalized solutions that best suit the needs of each of our clients.  

Frugal innovators  

Improving energy management is a growing concern in many spheres of societies. Politics want energy independence, economists want improved use of resources, the general public wants a greener planet and businesses want to mitigate their exposure to energetical risk by reducing their energy costs.  

At Autonomy we see ourselves as frugal innovators. Frugal innovation can be clearly reduced and explained by the idiom 'doing more with less'.' Navi Radjou summarizes this concept by saying that a frugal innovation must 'create significantly more business and social value while minimising the use of diminishing resources such as energy, capital and time' 

Today modern customers want three things: Quality, Value and purpose.  At Autonomy Power we keep this tryptic in mind to find the best solutions for our clients. We want our clients to be able to benefit a high-quality product that holds immediate and future value. This value is benefits the company but also serves societal and sustainable goals. We want to improve the world by improving business practices. Why choose between money and ethics when you can have both? 

What we do? 

Everyone is talking about smart homes, we think that smart workplaces, commercial and industrial spaces are equally important. Autonomy Power offers its clients energy management solutions. The way we see energy management is three folds: 

- First monitoring with the highest level of precision energy consumption 

- Analysing that data  

- Acting on the gathered data.  

Our product allows our client's to be empowered when it comes to understanding and acting on their energy consumption, production and storage.  

In the digital era we are living in, we cannot understand why we are still wasting time and resources manually operating objects. All information related to your electrical appliances is sent to our client's personalized cloud. From their customized portal, our clients can not only learn about their product, they can directly control it. Activation, deactivation, slow start, you name it. 

Increasing energy efficiency is about saving money a lot of money, mitigating exposure to the risks due to energy volatility (price and accessibility), facilitating day to day management and operation and finally saving the planet. That is what we do at Autonomy.