Rural Solar

Rural areas can have lower costs of installations and wide surfaces which can finance your activity and create new revenue streams

Rural areas are the best place to have a PhotoVoltaic panels. The cost of getting electricity delivered is often higher than other areas and open space are ideal for cheaper, more robust and higher quality installations.
With larger surfaces, it is easier to tailor a solar solution best suited to fit the electricity profile of your business. For larger sites, this means we can make economies of scale, making the cost of a KW lower per dollar spent. This means:

  • Cheaper electricity
  • Faster Return on Investment
  • Easier Financing

Rural site are also ideal to explore more advanced off-grid solutions at a higher price. Off-grid solutions allow you to have control over your consumption and mitigate risks link to grid blackouts (eg: South Australia 2016). With our free audit, apart from solar chart prediction data, we provide these other options as well as some of our proprietary technology we can use to automate some of your activities.