Residential Solar

If done right, switching to solar is a fantastic opportunity to save money for your next holiday

Autonomy has helped families all across Australia to save on their energy bills now and for years to come. Today, most australian households are buying their electricity from the grid. For some, this can be an adequate strategy but there are two problems with.

First energy prices are volatile and unpredictable, in 2017 we have seen energy prices rise by 11% because of the closure of Hazelwood and the Northern Coal Power Station. Second, the price of producing electricity can be much cheaper. Most of Australia has high solar exposure, and the price of solar panels has significantly dropped making solar panels a great investment.

Autonomy builds relations based on trust and guide so we offer a free assessment and audit. At the end of the audit we will build a report based on the data we will collect. The report will include an energy plan, with electricity price prediction charts for solar and also other potential energy saving solutions.

Thinking about switching to solar? To make sure it is the right choice for you, take a look at at our Australian Guide To Solar and Batteries