Commercial Solar

Solar Power is a great way to reduce overheads and guarantee production at all times

Commercial Photovoltaic systems (PV solar) are a great tool to reduce monthly expenses and mitigate risks from volatile energy prices. Regardless of your business size, if energy consumption constitutes a great portion of your budget, then solar PV is a serious option to consider.

Relying on the grid can be a good strategy, but energy prices can be high and unpredictable. In 2017 we have seen energy prices rise by 11% because of the closure of Hazelwood and the Northern Coal Power Station. Second, the price of producing electricity can be much cheaper.

To design a proper commercial solar strategy many elements must be considered. The main key points are the energy rate structure, periods of consumption, and financing.

When we design a PV system we take multiple elements into consideration and will only recommend an installation we are sure we can save your business money. We usually aim for energy savings of a minimum of 8% and up to 30%, and a minimum risk-free return on investment of 5%. If our calculation does not reach this requirement, we also include in our audit a combination with other technologies such as batteries, power factor correction, or our proprietary energy management software. Sometimes the combination of technology is required to exponentially increase savings.

We are a small talented team which gives provides tailored personalized energy solutions for projects of any size. We can move quickly when it comes to project design and innovation integrations so you have the latest most robust energy technologies.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Businesses can save tremendous amounts of money on their energy bill if they adopt a data-driven smart strategy. In commercial solar projects, just throwing as many solar panels on the roof will not cut it. In many cases buying electricity from the grid can be cheaper.

We collect quality data to identify production and consumption patterns to produce the unlock tremendous savings and mitigate the risks from an unstable grid. Our free audits are more than a solar quote, they are the first stone of an energy strategy.

There are other serious options to consider for commercial sites. Indeed high consumption usually means you can negotiate very good electricity deals with retailers. Also high loads often have to be managed to avoid over consumption and overuse of machinery. See our Power Factor and Voltage Optimization sections.

We have the latest energy technology. We have also automation options as well as cutting edge supply chain analytics to perform live analysis of the performance and output of your machines.