Store your power

When to use batteries?

When you need a reliable energy source

Batteries activates higher availability of energy. This is important when you need 100% uptime and a a power shortage can lead to strong financial losses. For instance, if you have a factory and you need to reach production quotas, a blackout like the 2016 South Australian one can have disastrous consequences. Moreover sudden energy shutdowns can have a toll on appliancesb maintenance and lifecycle.

High peak demand consumption

Retailers usually charge more for electricity when everybody in an area is consuming energy at the same time and energy generators canbt produce enough energy for every one. This is called peak demand pricing (see more about peek demand here).

Some sites will consume more during peak demand but might not be able to produce electricity during that time. In some cases it can be financially beneficial to fill in your battery when the price of electricity is low, and use that energy when the price is high. The scheme usually works best with solar panels but it is not always the case.