Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy efficient buildings combine energy efficient appliances, smart consumption pratices and intelligent design.

Energy Efficient Appliances

There are a lot of solutions out there to make you consume less energy. Many of them will be specific to you house or business. Among the more generic on we offer:

Smart Practices

Whether you are house or at your workplace, adopting energy efficient attitudes is a great way to shave off some extra dollars off your bills. Appart from every day practices we believe that everyone should also consider making or have someone make (someone being Autonomy Power) an Energy Efficiency Plans.

In many cases you can also automate these practices so you don't have to think about it, or implement some energy efficiency training with your employees. If you want to read more about this please check out our control and automation page .

Intelligent Design

Intelligent design means the architecture of the building itself will lead to reduces energy needs. There are many things which you can take into consideration to build a naturally energy efficient building

  • Site Location
  • Orientation of the Light
  • Material
  • Building Layout
  • Air Flow
  • Building Size

If you are not planning any new construction this is not something you have to worry about. In this site you won't see many things we can't do, but architecture is definitely one these things. You can find more information on Jorge Fontan's blog.

Green Stars

If you are interested in learning more in general about energy efficiency in buildings we highly recommend reading about Green Star certifications. Green Start is a nice certification to have but we don't particularly recommend applying to it because we believe that what matters is how much you save, not having a fancy certificate to prove. However, it provides high quality guidelines and benchmark which are interesting to follow. Also it can be a good public relations tool.