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About Autonomy Power

This is the short version, if you want the longer one you can check out Our Story

Autonomy is a smart energy partner helping businesses evolve to energy independence. Our goal is to empower our partners and give them everything they need to take control of their energy and make decisions they can feel comfortable with.

Usually you find two types of energy companies. On one side you have companies which sell products and walk away after the sale is done. On the other you have “consultants” or “auditors”  which charge you for a service but leave their clients in charge of implementation. 

At Autonomy Power we provide energy services and products by leveraging smart technologies and people. You come to us with a problem or a question and we come back to you with answers and solutions. 

You can come to us asking “How can I save money” and we will give you a full assessment based on your specific situation for free. It has happened more than once to tell our clients that it is simply not worth it to invest in energy efficiency product. On the long we believe that  the trust we build is worth more than the money we could make from a dodgy sell.

We started as a technology company by building our behind the meter energy management software. Our  goal since the beginning has been to help Australian households and businesses. Our software provides high-quality data collection, aggregation and analysis, our people provide the additional  guidance through your energy journey.