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Autonomy Power provides sophisticated energy plans at no cost and with no engagements.

You can come to us with projects or problems and ou goal is to engineer it into a reality. We pride ourselves in providing smart clean energy. However, sometimes it doens't make financial sense. Our priority is to reach business objectives.

A simple example, if you have an isolated site you want to turn into an energy independant entity and batteries don't fit your budget; we will install an oil based generator. If you are a high energy consumption business we will probably look at negotiating better electricity rates before we consider installing any new equipment.

From our perspective, investing in clean energy is a business decision first


  • Discover the power of Autonomy.
  • Make your way to power that pays for itself.
  • We help businesses achieve true energy independence.
  • When it comes to energy, information can set you free.
  • Imagine a future where you make, store and sell your own energy. That's the power of Autonomy.
  • Energy intelligence is the first step to energy independence. Let us show you how.
  • Armed with real-time data you can make better decisions, save money and confidently invest in technology to future-proof your power.


  • We specialise in data-driven energy advancement.
  • Charting a path to autonomous power, together.
  • Until you truly understand what your power is doing, you're wasting your energy trying to save it.
  • Make energy your advantage.
  • There's power in data, when you know how to use it.
  • We use machine learning to reduce commercial energy consumption. Immediately.
  • Smart people will install smart technology and deliver smart savings to your power. Now that's smart.


  • Building a smarter energy system for your business needn't involve a costly and instant revolution. With cutting-edge technology, delivering real-time data on your energy consumption, we work with you to develop a phased transition over time.
  • Reduce your energy expenditure and invest the savings into smarter energy solutions. We call it Circuit Investment, and it's a powerful idea.
  • We create bespoke energy management systems to help lessen the financial, operational and environmental impact of your evolving energy demands.
  • A dedicated team will take you on a journey; from simple changes that help you save, to new systems that protect your business from supply issues and price spikes.

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